Desktop or Console?

Oct 10, 2017
Do You Need a Desktop or a Console Copier/Printer/Fax/Scanner ?

With advances in technology, the capabilities of desktop equipment have begun to rival those of “floor model” console machines. There are many models to choose from with new convenient features. It can seem challenging to choose the best fit for your organization. We have good news. There is office equipment available for every size organization and budget. How do you know which multifunction machine is best?

Here’s a basic guide to help you determine the right choice for your needs.
 Up to 8.5” x 14” – desktop machines
 usually only process up to legal size   paper.                                                  
 Up to 12” x 48” -  console
 machines can also print ledger,
 tabloid and banner sizes.
 Standard number of paper trays is one,
 but usually one or two additional trays
 can be added.
 Standard number of paper trays
 is two, but expandable up to 8
 paper sources, including 3,000
 sheet high capacity tray,
 multi- media tray and banner
 paper feeder. 
 Up to Medium Paper Weights  Up to Heavy Paper Weights
 Optimal in groups with fewer users  Handles larger user groups
 with ease
 Generally over .01 per page  Generally under .01 per page
 Though desktop machines have gotten
 faster at processing jobs, they still fall
 short of console speeds.                   
 Pretty darn fast.
 Like a roadrunner.
 Generally slower  Generally faster
 Slower with smaller capacity
document processor
 Faster with larger capacity
 document processor
 As the name indicates, small enough
 for desks and tight spaces.                    
 With a finisher and additional
 paper sources, a console
 machine rests on the floor
 and can get quite large.
 No  Yes
 No  Yes
 No  Yes: text, photo and both
 No  Yes
 May be small, menu-driven  Larger, color, with user-friendly
 icon menu and optional full
 keyboard for entry
 Single only  Dual line capable
 Likely to be staple only
 No  Yes
 No  Yes
 No  Yes, several options including
 confidential, Bates stamp,
 draft, etc.
 No  Yes
 No  Yes
 No  Yes

These guidelines are basic and general, but we hope you find them helpful. When you’re ready to get more details, reach out and speak with our experts. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your office. Call us today at 610-865-8182.