KYOCERA ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program

Aug 22, 2017

Why KYOCERA is different: 
KYOCERA Corporate Motto

KYOCERA has a core principle to preserve the global community we all share. Most toner cartridges contain metal and chemicals. Not KYOCERA. Our toner cartridges are 100% plastic. Our toner is a non-hazardous polyester resin. OUR TONER CARTRIDGES ARE 100% RECYCLABLE! Help us and KYOCERA protect our planet by recycling used KYOCERA toner cartridges and waste toner receptacles. Here’s how: KYOCERA ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling.

Close the LoopHow ECO footPRINT works:
Customers can request recycling boxes from Cyan Sky Copier Technologies. The boxes are to be filled with empty KYOCERA toner cartridges and waste toner containers. Once full, the boxes are then sealed and picked up by UPS to be delivered to our recycling facility partner, Close the Loop. OUR RECYCLING PROGRAM IS 100% FREE TO OUR CUSTOMERS! The ECO footprint Toner Recycling Program is KYOCERA’s way of saying thank you for helping them uphold their commitment to working in harmony with the environment.

Where recycled toner cartridges and waste toner end up
100% of Kyocera toner containers recycled through the ECO footPRINT program are transformed into objects that serve a necessary function! Our partners at Close the Loop turn them into items like pens, park benches and asphalt. The first park bench created from our program was placed in Fairfield, New Jersey, home of our U.S. corporate headquarters, on June 16th.
What to do next:
Join us today! Help keep empty cartridges out of landfills and put them to good use. Contact Cyan Sky Copier Technologies at 610-865-8182. We’ll order the boxes for you, set them up at your location and even track your recycling progress on request.